Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Delighfully Dippy

Last week I posted a little thing about my wife's quirky ways when it comes to the English language. I survived--meaning she hasn't offed me yet or banished me to the couch. Not one to laugh in the face of danger, I feel compelled to write a little post script. See, my wife's best friend from high school was reading my account of how Goody Two Shoes butchers the English language. She liked it, by the way, and had a good chuckle as well. That said, instead of leaving me a comment, she e-mails my wife. The gist of it being that my wife hasn't always talked like that--her own sweet way of saying I've made my wife what she is. To reenforce her argument, her friend added that she understood my wife's comments perfectly, she then stated that she's known Goody Two Shoes longer than I have. To which I respond, yes, but I sleep with her! Ha, ha, ha! Who got the last laugh on that one, eh! Guess I win that one.

Now, getting back to Goody Two Shoes. She snapped off another good one the other night. We were lying in bed bantering back and forth and I was in a particularlly silly mood. At the hight of the shenannagins she bemoans for the whole neighborhood to hear, "oh, great, the children are gone and I'm stuck with you."

Oh, and here's one of her best ones. I forgot to post this the other day. A year or two ago were had gone out for a ride on our bicycles. Later, after returning home, we were talking about our ride. At some point, Goody Two Shoes got confused and tried to say either, biking or cycling, what came out was "bikling." Now when we load up our bicycles to go for a ride, we're going bikling.

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