Thursday, June 26, 2008

Choo-Choo Charlie

Last Friday, I went out to catch the scenic train at the Cumberland station. It was a warm, sunny, almost picture perfect day. Thge platform was filled with eager passengers and I was having a blast.

Seems the fireman got a little distracted and gave 734 a little more water than she needed.

Got this nice shot as 734 blew off a little extra steam.

Saw that the coach 'Cumberland' was framed perfectly and I couldn't resist.

Shot a few photos looking down the platform. I really like this one! Now, while all this is going on, there much excitement back at the cab of the there always is. I mean, hey, it's a working steam locomotive and everyone wants to talk to the crew and snap a few photos. That said, while I was taking my photos I spotted a Choo-choo Charlie...uh, that's someone who just screams 'TRAIN NERD.' The guy's wife, as near as I could tell, purchased a cab ride for her husband. The scenic railroad sells seats in the cab...for a slightly higher price. Anyway, the little woman brings her overly excited husband to the train, and my goodness, what a sight he was. Now it the time to scroll down to the next picture.

He was certainly dressed for a day in the cab of a steam locomotive, but when he finished off his Casey Jones ensemble with a pair of sneakers, he went sailing right off the deep end. That's my opinion. I'll let you folks judge for yourself.
Click on the photo for a larger image so you can read all the little captions.

P.S. If Choo-choo Charlie ever sees this picture, I have only one thing to say. BUY SOME BOOTS, DUDE!


June said...

I've been meaning to take a scenic train ride...there's one that originates somewhere not too far from here.

Suzy said...

I agree completely!