Sunday, February 1, 2009


From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

It was the best Super Bowl I've ever seen. Even better than last year when the G-men beat the Patriots. But I gotta tell you, the last five minutes of the game were the most nerve-wracking I've ever lived through. And when Phoenix scored with less than three minutes to play in the game I remember thinking that it's not supposed to end like this. How little did I know?

Goody Two Shoes called the final three minutes excruciating, and she was right. But, would the game mean as much if the Steelers would have won 20-7 (the score before Kurt Warner brought the Cardinals back.) I doubt if it would.

This says it all.

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The SWEEEEEEET smell of success.
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The only bummer in all this was that I went down to the Book Center (local newsstand) to buy a copy of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette but the owner informed me that he didn't get any. Major bummer. Oh, well, I can live without it.

Oh, yeah. Here's the best commercial from this years Super Bowl.


June said...

I was looking forward to seeing you today...that was one heck of a game! I think it had a little of everything in it and it was one of the most exciting Super Bowl games that I can remember.

Suzy said...

What a great game..action packed every minute!
Awesome...just awesome team !!!!