Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anniversary Getaway II - The Drive Home

We sort of meandered our way to the beach, so why not meander our way home? It was cold and rainy as we left Ocean City, still, we found a few things to do along the way.

Ocean City...cold and wet.

Salem United Methodist Church

And since it's Saint Patrick's Day, here's a little tip of the hat to Peter Carroll, who was born on the Emerald Isle.

Old Trinity Church. Founded in the late 1600's

The crypt of Benjamin Linthicum. (Read the inscription carefully)

Goody Two Shoes standing on dock at Church Creek.

A soldier from the War of 1812.

Another view of the old Trinity Church.

Anyone in the market for a fixer-upper, complete with outhouse?

Maters anyone? Dang, they grow 'em big down there!

It was a little foggy crossing the bay bridge. I got a little nervous being unable to see the other end of the bridge. I knew it was there but... You get the idea.

Our last stop was old Ellicott City, just west of Baltimore.

Yours truely standing in the back doorway of the train station. First time in my life I ever felt tall.

The Ellicott City station.

A rather dapper looking fellow. He was nice enough to pose for me.

Remember this photo from yesterday's post?

Well, here's what happened to it.

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