Monday, May 25, 2009

Doin' Things My Way

I love to go cycling. And I know I'm supposed to wear a helmet. Problem I don't like the looks of most bike helmets. What to do? The answer is easy...make my own. But what to come up with that is practical, functional, and expresses my personality. It's easier than you think.

Start with a basic black skateboarding helmet. Okay, so it has the manufacturers logo smeared all over it. No problem...

A couple of coats of gloss black paint and those logos are long gone.

Add a little striping, some numbers, and a new logo, and new my bike helmet is ready for the trail.

My new helmet got broke in yesterday. Rode from Ohiopyle to Confluence and back. Yeah, I got more than just a few looks.

Steelers Black n' it, love it, breathe it, bleed it.

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Suzy said...

I like it,I like it !!!!!