Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite Photo

I got tagged by LemonyRenee' to post my favorite photo. Hahahahaha! If she knew how many photos I have and then ask me to post my favorite. I had biology tests in college that were easier. Anyway, after three days of rummaging around and scratching my head, I pulled this one out.

This is my son back in 1987 at a family reunion. I was lying under a tree in the front yard at my wife's Aunt Mib's place. It was that point of the festivities when the grown ups were off in their little clusters catching up on things, the big kids had wondered off, and the little kids were napping. My son was just playing around, by himself, when he grabbed a volleyball and started batting it around. I grabbed my camera and fired once. And this is it. Hope you like it.

Uh, I'm not quite sure how this tagging thing works, but I'm tagging my better half over at A Mother's Minute.

Tag . . . you're it!

Post your favorite photo and tell us about it. Then post a comment here at Tara Cain's blog to be part of the photo display.

1 comment:

LemonyRenee' said...

Yay! I knew you'd pick a great one, and you did. There is nothing so beautiful has a happy, healthy child in motion.

I know I thank God every time I see my son out in the sun, moving around at his will . . . what else is there.

Great photo.