Sunday, April 15, 2007

Greetings and Halucinations

Greetings from western Maryland, where the men are men and the women pray we finally evolve some day. It's also a place where the skunks know when it's garbage night. Here life moves at a slower pace when compared with Baltimore, Washington or Pittsburgh. Where I live you can drive across town in 5 minutes, if the lights are with you...a day and a half if they aren't. I swear we have the longest traffic lights in the world in my neck of the woods.

Me and Goody Two Shoes are city dwellers...not by choice. We were both raised up out in the country. (You know the country; where you don't lock your back door at night, the air is cleaner, your neighbors know all your bad habits and don't hold it against you.) For some inexplicable reason our parents decided to move us to the big city at about the same time, and we met at the local community college not long afterwards. Yes, we're college sweethearts.

Do we have a plan for getting back out to the country? You bet we do, but it's on hold till the youngest is out of the house. After that the possibilitles are endless. Since our son lives 45 minutes from Nashville, we've thought about moving close to where he is...but not right next door. Another plan...okay, to move to Wyoming...or anyplace with horses, wide open spaces and sunsets that will blow you away. Goody Two Shoes has never ridden a horse. I have, but it's been a while. Another plan/fantasy...or to buy a little patch of ground about 5 miles from town and build a cabin.

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Maggie Ann said...

You are a very good writer...I'm still here, reading and smiling.