Tuesday, July 29, 2008

626 Miles and 773 Photos

Goody Two Shoes and I went away last Friday and Saturday to Steamtown in Scranton, PA. I'd always wanted to go to Steamtown but something always seemed to derail my plans. Not this time.

One of the first sights that greets you when you arrive. The Union Pacific 'Big Boy,' all 1.2 million pounds of him.

Canadian Pacific 2317 on the turntable.

Find the Camera Totin' Idiot in this picture. Bet you can't.

Nickel Plate #759 in the roundhouse.

Looking out at #2317

Goody Two Shoes on the porch of Erie business car #900

A Reading Company RS-2 diesel locomotive

Taking a ride behind the 2317.

An old rotary snow plow sitting in the dead line.

A Reading T-1 #2124. If this steamer looks vaguely familiar it's because it's sister, the 2101, pulled the American Freedom Train as well as the Chessie Steam Special. It's now at the B&O Museum in Baltimore.

Jake and Elwood outside Shenanigan's Bar in Hazleton, PA.

On the way home we stopped in Jim Thorpe, PA for a quick look around. Word to the wise...this is supposed to be a tourist town, but nothing opens before nine in the morning...and even then only a few establishments. Most other places don't open til ten or eleven. Want public restrooms, go to Subway...eat fresh.

Old meets new at Jim Thorpe.

Privately owned cabooses at Jim Thorpe

An old Canadian Pacific 10-wheeler.

The Tamaqua, PA station. Doris Day caught a train here in 1947.

Headquarters of the Reading & Northern in Port Clinton, PA

Sculpture outside a Cabela's store in Hamburg, PA

The Kempton station on the Wannamaker, Kempton & Southern.

Riding the Wannamaker, Kempton & Southern. #65 coupling up to the train.

On the way to Wannamaker.

The splendid Pennsylvania countryside. (Berks County)

The horses don't seem to mind the passing train.

Mr. Conductor enjoying his work and a pleasant afternoon.

The waiting room in the Kempton station.

When it was all said and done we drove 626 miles in two days and between the two of us shot 773 photos, and not all of them were of trains. Oh, how I love digital.


June said...

What a place for you! You must've been in heaven. I particularly liked the shot of the snow plow...fascinating stuff! And oh, were you the guy in the picture with the camera to his eye? Just a guess :-)

Suzy said...

Yes, sounds like train paradise!!I also like the snow plow...never thought about needing that! We lived near Hazelton for 2 years in Mountaintop, Pa.