Monday, July 14, 2008

Western Maryland Sunday...In West Virginia

Confused by the title? It was one of those things where you had to be there. Cass and the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad ran a series of rare mileage excursions over the weekend. The rarest was yesterday when Cass broke out Western Maryland Railway #6, a Shay type geared steam locomotive. I had only seen #6 run once before and didn't have a camera with me. I made up for that error yesterday.

Poster, advertising the trips. (Photo by Goody Two Shoes)

Western Maryland F-7A #67 at the Elkins Depot.

Western Maryland #6...the Brute. ( I say that lovingly) Built for power, not speed, this baby could drag your house off it's foundation and not break a sweat.

#6 backing across the Tygart River to couple up to her train.

#6 pulling up to the depot to pick up her passengers.

Heading south (still in Elkins) on the way to Cass.

Here come the helper engines, BL-2 #82 and F-7A #67

Getting ready to tie on to the rear of the train.

#6 getting underway again.

#67 crossing the overpass in South Elkins. I made this one black and white on purpose. Kind of looks like 1968, don't it?

Three miles south of Elkins I caught #6 crossing the highway.

A closer shot of #6.

F7-A #67 passing by.

Another black & white shot. It's just like stepping back in time.

After departing Elkins and heading north, Goody Two Shoes 'n me stopped in Belington, where I photographed WMRY F-7B #415.

On the way up to Grafton I caught a CSX coal train (With BNSF power) on Pleasant Creek Viaduct.

All in all, not a bad day. I'm on vacation next week. Wait until you see what I do then.


June said...

Oh what fun! Enjoy your vacation...

Perry said...

Great train shots and so many! I wish there were even *some* around here, Oregon. The black & white conversions do set the mood for the era. (Except they are grainless!) :-)