Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

My cousin has been after me to do another post. She was giving me the business the other day after I failed to do my regular Wordless Wednesday offering. I told her I was busy...she didn't buy it. Sooooo, here you go Mikki.

The Camera Totin' Idiot turned 49 yesterday. To celebrate, Goody Two Shoes 'n me went Christmas shopping in Altoona. But being a Camera Totin' Idiot, I had to stop along the way for a few snaps.

Some horses on a back road that runs parallel to I-99.

The Everett Railroad's Santa train getting ready to depart Roaring Spring.

We managed to do some shopping for our grandson, and I even got a few things for Goody Two Shoes. Then it was time for lunch. Since it was my birthday I got to pick. I chose...HOOTERS. Mm-hmm, all the T&A you could want and more legs than a bucket of chicken. Can you tell I had a good time?

A little T-Bird Tea and the Georgia-Georgia Tech game while I wait for my lunch to arrive.

Me and another guy were the birthday boys and we had to get up on chairs, hold menus in each hand and flap our arms like chickens while the Hooters girls sang to us.

21 never felt this good.

Life's been good to me so far. (thank you, Joe Walsh)

And to my son I say this...EAT YOUR HEART OUT SKIPPY!


June said...

Happy Birthday and many more happy and healthy ones! Glad you got out and about and had a good time...

Suzy said...

Happy belated birthday...sounds like you had a real good time!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! my birthday was the 28th and I titled my post "Happy Birthday To Me!" Great minds think alike.