Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roadtrip Wednesday

For those of you tuning in for my regular Wordless Wednesday post...surprise. Today, Goody Two Shoes and myself took off for Gettysburg for the 145th commencement of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address...the most stirring words ever written and spoken by any American President.

The cemetery was standing room only...and frigid.

This is about the time Goody Two Shoes was losing feeling in her feet.

I was fine as long as I kept moving.

Robert E. Lee, from his latter days as President of Washington College, came.

Union reinactors.

General Reynolds.

Academy Award nominated documentary film maker, Ken Burns gave the keynote address.

Burns spoke for about twenty minutes, quoting Lincoln many times, as well as his own work on the Civil War.

Ken Burns meets Abraham Lincoln

A few parting shots from the days festivities.


June said...

Looks like something I would warmer temperatures! :-)

Shannon said...

Wow that looks really interesting but cold!

Devoted Mama said...

I'm a friend & reader of your wife & she posted on her blog that it's your 49th b-day! I just wanted to stop by & say Happy B-Day. I hope it's a great day for you.