Friday, July 13, 2007

Camera Totin Idiot Gets Lucky

Last Sunday I played hooky from church and rode up along the scenic railroad. There was a location I wanted to check out. My suspicion was that the area in question was too covered over by trees to be useful now. Those suspicions proved to be true. Because of the trees on both sides of the tracks not enough light is allowed in. However, I did learn that once the leaves are off the trees this area, which is just above Bone Cave, would be ideal.

All that being said, I decided to hang around and photograph the train anyway, even though I knew I'd be fighting the light. As you can see from the first photo; only the nose of the locomotive is in the light. I fired several frames and all but this one and one other were blurred, again, because of insufficient light. However, sometimes even a camera totin' idiot can get lucky.

I was ready to toss this picture in the trash can when I realized that the blurry quality makes the 734 look like it's flying past my lens. Every once and while I do get lucky.

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