Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goody Two Shoes & The Filthy Beast Go Camping

To ring out the month Goody Two Shoes and me spent a three-day weekend at Ohio Pyle State Park with another couple. We had a good time bikling--(biking, as Goody Two Shoes says it)--lounging around, and eating good food. That said, it was on the drive to the campground where this colorful little exchange took place.

Me: When we get to the campground, know what I'm gonna do first?

Her: What?

Me: Take a leak.

Her: All that tea you drank. Did you drink a glass full?"

Me: No, I drank it empty.

Her: You're a barrel of laughs. Pity I'm stuck in the barrel with you.

Just the typical day-to-day banter that goes on between the two of us. You know, someone once said that no one would ever win the battle of the sexes--there was too much fraternizing with the enemy. Maybe they were right.

Now, if our first exchange wasn't enough, here's another one. A typical situation I find myself in a lot. I ask a simple question but don't get a simple answer. We were still driving to the campground and following our friends when I asked, or rather observed (in the form of a question.)

Me: Boy, Tim's sure in a hurry, isn't he? (See, simple question)

Her: You were that way the last trip.

Me: I'll never get a yes or no out of you will I? (another simple question)

Her: It's part of the wonder of me; deal with it.

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