Sunday, December 30, 2007

Horsing Around

Me 'n Goody Two Shoes took a drive yesterday. Originally, we were going to drive up to Bellefonte, but we got a late start...okay, we slept in. Switching to plan B, we headed for Garrett County, where there is supposed to be snow...hey, it's Western Maryland's winter playground. But the weatherman goofed...again. Still we had a nice, sunny day. The perfect day for hitting a few of the back roads, like Cove Road, Bear Creek Road, and Sand Flat Road. Got pretty lucky and I think there's even a Wordless Wednesday photo in there somewhere. Soooo, here we go.

We started out at the scenic overlook on Rt. 219 where I shot this farm down on the Cove Road.

Here's the same farm, but from down on the Cove Road.

St. John's Lutheran Church.

And this muddy fellow, also on the Cove Road. Do horses really talk to cows?

Next, we swung down Bear Creek Road, but the only photo opportunity we found was this area of Bear Creek.

After lunch at UNO's at Deep Creek Lake, we shopped a little in Oakland, drove through Deer Park, and then as an afterthought we headed up Sand Flat Road and got a real treat. We found these beauties enjoying a little sun after a roll in the mud.

The big fella was really enjoying the sun and solitude. Can you say, zero stress?

Here's another shot of the big fella.

Next, these two decided they wanted on camera.

Time for a mid-afternoon snack.

A nice, tight shot of the old gray gelding.

At this point, the show really began, for me anyway. This brown and white mare came right over to me and was nice enough to pose for the following photos. She even let me pet her. For those photos you'll have to go over to A Mother's Minute and check out Goody Two Shoes post.

This one is my favorite. Isn't she a beauty. Arrrgh, I sound like the Crocodile guy, but without the accent. Still, what a beautiful animal.

My second favorite.

Here she is with her posse in the background. Wait til you see the shot Goody Two Shoes got of this beauty with the old gray gelding...I think you could say they know each other. So hop on over to A Mother's Minute.


Deep Creek Blog said...

Nice photos. I posted a link to your post on The Deep Creek Blog -

Kathy said...

Great photos! I grew up on Frazee's Ridge in Friendsville and now that I am living in Florida I don't get back to the county as often as I like, maybe twice a year. So I frequently search for photos to remind me of home. Please continue posting your pics as I have now added you to my favs list! BTW, what kind of camera do you have? I have a Canon Rebel XTI. It is a great camera especially since I bought the 300mm zoom lens to go with it.