Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Linked!

After eight months of blogging I've been linked. The Deep Creek Blog - has added a link to my blog. I'm not quite sure what this means, but thank you very, very much. Hey, I'm tickled, someone is actually reading/looking at my stuff! Since doing a post on the scenic beauty of Garrett County got me a wee bit of notoriety, I thought a follow-up was in order. Here are a few more shots from Western Maryland's winter playground. Did I mention I like it up there? I did...did I mention it's colder 'n blazes up there? No...well it is, so dress warm.

CSX SD-50 8616 with train R-317 cresting Seventeen Mile Grade at Altamont.

The B&O station in Oakland. I told you it was cold in Garrett County.

This photo wasn't taken in Garrett County, but it was close. I include it because I froze my hiney off to get it, also the train will be in Garrett County in a few minutes. The location is between Rodemer and Terra Alta, West Virginia. This was the day that my video camera froze up...yes I mean froze, as in I can't feel my lips frozen. The only thing working that day was the heater in my car and my Pentax K-1000

New Germany Road in an area known as Monroe Run Vista.

Cabin 1 at New Germany State Park. Goody Two Shoes 'n me spent out 20th wedding anniversary there. We also got snowed in while we were there, but we didn't care.

The lake at New Germany frozen over.

Ice cicles outside our window

Still at New Germany. This is the little creek below the spillway. I nearly won an award for this picture. After the contest was over, one of the judges told me that if the stream would have bended somewhere in the photo it would have won. I now tell you what I told him. I take Mother Nature as she presents herself to me. If there's a bend I photograph it, if there isn't I photograph it. Also, I don't use filters or any other gadgets. About the only thing I'll do is to run my stuff through Photoshop and remove any see, I have been known to go out with a dirty lens. Why do you think I'm called a Camera Totin' Idiot? By the way, can you tell that I like New Germany? I do, I love it there. Now I hear the Governor my close this little gem. I could say a lot of things at this point and most wouldn't be complimentary towards the Governor, but I don't talk politics on my blog.

The Castleman River Bridge in the snow.

A courting couple at Swallow Falls.

Another favorite hang out, Spruce Village at Grantsville.

The old schoolhouse. I remember this cabin when it was located at the intersection of New Germany and Chestnut Ridge Roads.

I wish I could say I lived here. Sadly I don't, but I wish I did.

I love windows. The trick is not getting your reflection in the picture.

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Patti said...

These are all fantastic pictures! I'll be back to view more! :) Thanks!