Monday, December 10, 2007

Ya Das Ist Ein Christmas Tree

It was time to cut the Christmas tree around the old homestead yesterday. This year was different...we had company! We took Dimples and Soccer Dude with us since they needed a tree as well...and since dad owns a pick up truck. This is their first Christmas together...and their first tree. How exciting! That said, let me add, I had more fun getting wet and muddy than I did watching my Steelers take it on the chin courtesy of the Patriots.

Onward through the fog, we begin our quest for the perfect trees.

As we walked, Soccer Dude and I kept cracking jokes about wanting a Charlie Brown tree. I thought I found one, but was overruled by Goody Two Shoes.

And so the search continued. This one....?

...No, this one...

...I liked the other one better...

...No, that one is the perfect one...

...Oh, whatever, I got bigger fish to fry. Thank you CSX!

...Honey, we found one...honey...oh no, not another train?

...Honey, it's time...get that look off your face. No, I'm not in labor, you idiot! Just cut the tree before I go to work on you!

...Finally! Wait, that's only one tree. You mean I have to go through this again? Say it ain't so!

Okay...whew! We finally got the second one.

All right! Now it's back to the barn where it's warmer and they have hot chocolate.'s a long way off. Got any ideas?

Dude, we're never gonna get there if we keep stopping every ten feet. And will someone take that #@*& camera away from the Wild Child!

Looking at this photo, I harken back to the days of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Marlin Perkins, would be in camp, looking ever so dapper, while his younger counterpart was out in the wild running from a herd of frightened elephants. If you're old enough to remember the show, those moments usually went a little like this. "While Jim is wrestling with a giant anaconda I'm enjoying a quiet moment in camp with my lovely assistant, Daphene and a pitcher of daiquiri's...oh, honey, don't make the next batch quite so sweet." That said, Soccer Dude and I felt a little like old Jimmy boy yesterday, doing the grunt work while the womenfolk hung around at the back passing judgement...and keeping their little tootsies out of the mud.

We finally made it. Now it's time to reflect with the owner of the tree farm, and to straighten out our backs...and think about the cold one waiting for me when I get home!

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