Friday, January 4, 2008

At It Again

Here we go; time for another round of bedtime banter between Goody Two Shoes and myself. I've no idea what triggered it. I can't even remember what we were tormenting each other about. All I do remember was that at some point she got the upper hand and quickly proclaimed her own special way. It went something like this....

Her:(in a hoidy-toidy voice) I'm perfect.

Me:(sarcastically)Yeah...then what are you doing hanging out with me?

Her:(matter-of-factly) Perfection needs a little imperfection.

Me:(hysterical laughter)

Her:(exhasperated) Go to sleep. (ticked off) And stop laughing at me!

Me: (stifled hysterical laughter)

I may not have gotten the last word in, but I got the last laugh.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Your just funny! I said to stop laughing at me! And I mean it......