Monday, January 14, 2008

Watchful Eyes

The G-Men came through yesterday by beating America's Team in that stadium with the hole in the roof. How bout them apples, huh? Now the road to the Super Bowl leads through Green Bay...or by it's other name...T I T L E T O W N, U.S.A.

So, Sunday when the Packers take the field to play the Giants, they'll do so, not only in front of the entire screaming Packer Nation, but anyone out there with a television...and a few legends. One legend comes to mind real quick. Just take a look at the photo below.

Do you believe?

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stephanie said...

I will grant you clemency for the smug tone you took about my 'boys losing since you seem to favor the Packers, and you posted this terrific photo with the lovable Vince. And thank you for not mentioning the name of Those Who Beat My Team.
take care