Friday, March 14, 2008

My Favorite Bond

Do you have a favorite James Bond movie? I do. I've been a fan of 007 since I was a kid. I've seen them all; some I can take or leave, some are just too far-fetched, and a few I can't get enough of. In truth I have 5 favorite Bond movies.

Here are my favorites from Number 5 up to number 1.

Number 5. Casino Royale
I thought newcomer Daniel Craig wore the Bond persona quite well. And besides, the movie has Dame Judi Dench, my second favorite actress of all time.

Number 4. Goldfinger
The first Bond movie from my youth that really stuck with me. I was too young to understand the humor in Pussy Galore's name. Oh well, I loved the action, and I thought Goldfinger was a great villain.
Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.

Number 3. The Man With the Golden Gun
A new Bond in Roger Moore, and not as dashing as Sean Connery, but he does all right. This flick has a great story and a great villain in Christopher Lee, this is one 007 flick I can't get enough of. Oh yeah, it's got that little dude from Fantasy Island as well.

Number 2. The Spy Who Loved Me
Made 3 years after the Man with the Golden Gun, Moore was hitting his stride as Bond. I love Curd Jurgens as the evil Stromberg, and Richard Keil as Jaws was great! But of course, I watched for Agent XXX...Barbara Bach. Hey, why lie about it. And I loved Bond's smartaleck comeback at the end when his boss, the minister of defense, and her boss catch 007 and XXX fooling around.
M: Bond! What do you think you're doing?"
Bond: Keeping the British end up, sir.

Number 1. Are you ready for this? Can you handle this? The best Bond of them all. Sit back and watch this little video.

Great story of good guys against the bad guys, betrayal, some great new characters, great action...the tank chase through St. Petersburg is the best. And Goldeneye features the only actor other than Sean Connery who was born to play 007, and Pierce Brosnan delivers.

I had gone through a long 007 drought since Octopussy. A View to a Kill didn't help things. Neither did Timothy Dalton's two lame offerings as 007: The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill. Years pass and you lose interest, then one day you see the trailer for Goldeneye and you don't even have to wonder if it will be good. You know it will. Sitting in the theatre and seeing Brosnan on screen as 007 for the first time I remember thinking 'Bond is back, thank God!' When the tank chase started, the audience cheered and whistled. So throw Goldeneye in the DVD player, make a bowl of popcorn, and relax. You won't be disappointed.

Post Script. Even though I am a Bond devotee. I would like, just once, see a Bond movie where he has one or several of the following issues/problems.
1. He gets jilted by the girl and ends up in therapy.
2. He goes to rehab to dry out from all the martinis he's drunk over the years.
3. M writes him up for sexual harassment.
4. He has to take sensitivity training or an anger management class.
5. A jealous husband/lover takes a shot at him.
6. He gets slapped with a paternity suit.
7. He gets a social decease.
8. One of his many past love interests turns up as his next villain.
9. Finds out he has a child. 'Hello Daddy.'

Any of these would be great...just to show he's human.

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