Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Living in a Global Goldfish Bowl

Yes, it's the 21st Century, and we're a global community now. Thirty years ago, when I was a teenager, I had no clue what was going on in the middle east, nor did I care. I cared about getting a date for the prom, the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, if the president's speech would mess up my watching Starsky & Hutch and Charlie's Angels that particular evening. Stuff like that. See, simple, no stress, no worry lines.

Today, it's a whole different story. We have CNN, MSNCB, FOX (fair and balanced) and a host of other networks bringing us the news from around the world. None of it, or very little of it is any good. Fighting in the middle east, riots in Tibet, young people killed on our college campuses and in our high schools, and on our highways. We worry about terrorism, and high fuel prices (is it just me, or is Congress afraid of the oil companies? Hmm?) Where was I? We worry about rising health care costs, being able to feed our families, and pay our mortgages. Then we got a bunch of liberal wienies hiding behind the ACLU trying to remove God from the public conscious. We've got politicians, among others, playing the race card when it's convenient, we have a governor in New York getting busted for fooling around with hookers. In Pakistan Benazir Butto was assassinated...why? Here in the good old US of A we have news shows and reality programs that show people in conflict of one form or another. And if things couldn't get worse, we're going to have an election to choose a new president. Yippy! Another bunch of yo-yos that'll say or do just about anything to secure my vote so they can get in the oval office and recreate this country in their own twisted image.

So, what's the point? And when do we reach the point where we as a society say ENOUGH! I've had enough, so have a lot of other people around the world. Problem is that those of us that are tired of the Bull#$&* aren't in positions of power.

If you think I'm crazy, go watch the news, open a history book, or watch this video.

So what do we do? Maybe, this public service announcement might help. I dare you to watch. Go ahead, click on it. Secretly you know you want to. Come on, GO FOR IT!

Have a nice day, y'all!

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