Monday, October 8, 2007

A Visit From Skippy

Skippy, our oldest, is in for a visit. He's works in the graphic arts/design field. He recently accepted a new job out in Tennessee, but before he started his new job, he decided to take a week off to come home and grace us with his presence.

Since his mother and I both work, he spent his days looking up old friends, visiting with his aunt and grandparents, and tormenting his sisters. Wanting to spend a little time with his mother and me, we made yesterday family day. We went up to Altoona and walked around the Logan Valley Mall for several hours. I say walked because nobody bought anything. Not for a lack of trying, mind you. After walking around the mall we went over to Hooters and had lunch...and watched the Steelers pound the Seahawks...but that's another story.

Back home, we sat around, talked, laughed, and listened to music...or what Skippy calls music...on his new laptop. Hey, he's moving up in the world. As the evening wore on, Goody Two Shoes got the camera out. Exciting bunch, aren't we?

Here we are, Skippy and the Filthy Beast. He's single, by the way. (Shameless hint)

Skippy and the Wild Child (his little sister)

Skippy and his Mama, aka Goody Two Shoes

Here's one last shot of me 'n Skippy. I'm trying to intimidate him. You can tell how well I'm doing from the expression on his face.

It'll most likely be Christmas before we get to see him again. I'm glad for the times he can come home, but I miss him when he's gone. Oh, well, that's the way life goes, I suppose.

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