Monday, February 25, 2008

My First Dog

In the summer of 1965 Tippy came to live with me. He was part toy collie, part clydsdale. He was never a large animal, but he was strong. After I'd had him for a couple of months Dad had to put a calf halter on him so I could walk him. Otherwise I'd get drug all over the yard. By the fall of '65 he could pull my Radio Flyer...with me in it.

Here we are right after Mom and Dad gave him to me. I'm trying to keep him from eating my banana pop-sicle.

This is us about a month later. I'm giving him a ride in my Radio Flyer. A couple of months later the tables would be turned. You can tell he's grown. When he was a puppy, Mom said he looked like a little butterball.

Here we are in the spring of '66. Look at size of his feet! By this time it was impossible to win a wrestling match with him.

What a pooch. What a pal!


lv2scpbk said...

Nice post. We all have our special pet we can remember as a child. I think if you've never had a pet as a child, they are deprived. My favorite dog was a female short-haired border collie. I used to sit on the porch swing with her and we'd swing for hours. She loved it.

Ann said...

You are so cute!

June said...

I could feel my heart strings twanging while reading this post. That last photo reminded me of Timmy with Lassie :-)

Rose DesRochers said...

Nice post. Boys best friend?