Monday, February 4, 2008

WHOOPS! David beat Goliath...again.

I had no real intention of watching the Super Bowl last night. Hey, the Packers got beat in the NFC Championship game, and my Steelers went down in the first round of the playoffs. Besides why would I want to watch Bellichek and Brady tie Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw with four Super Bowl wins.

My theory was that the Giants would play the Patriots close for two and half to three quarters before the Pats would eventually wear them down. That's what they did to Philly, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and the Giants in the season finale. So why waste my time, right? Then Goody Two Shoes says lets watch the commercials, they're always funny. Well, the only way to do that is to watch the game. So, we watched. Let me tell you, the game was more interesting than the commercials...well, most of them anyway.

David Tyree's acrobatic catch was the third best I've ever seen...behind Swann's falling down catch against Dallas in Super Bowl X, and John Stallworth's over the shoulder catch against the Rams in Super Bowl XIV.

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)Getty Images

To say I was surprised that the halftime score was 7-3 in favor of the Pats is an understatement. I never thought it would be that low. To say that I was stunned that the Giants could score a pair of 'come from behind' touchdowns in the fourth quarter and win the biggest game of all is a momumental understatement. I was glad to see Coach Coughlin, and Michael Strahan, Jeff Feagles, and the rest of the G-men get their first Lombardi trophy, and their first ring. They played harder and they deserved it. Plain and simple.

Hey, Mikey! He likes it...whoops, wait, that was a cereal commercial.

(AP Photo/David Duprey)

There was a point where I kind of started to feel sorry for the Patriots. Hey, someone has to lose, right. But any notion of feeling sorry vanished when Bellichek trotted off the field with 1 second remaining. I thought it was the most classless thing I ever saw. He knows the rules...the game isn't over until ALL time has expired. All season long his team subjected opponents to one beat down after another and forced them to watch the entire 60 minutes. The list is seemingly endless: the Jets 38-14, Chargers 38-14, Dolphins 49-28, Redskins 52-7, Bills 56-10, and my Steelers 34-13. Now when the shoe is squarely on the other foot, Bellichek can't find the nerve to hang around for the bitter end. Ohhhhh pa-leeeeese! Come on Billy, your team got beat, stop acting like a pansy and take it like a man.

(Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)AFP/Getty Images

Here endith the sermon.

And now a few observations by some guys who've been there and done that. Guys with a little more class than Coach Billy.

'They came to see an offense and the wrong one showed up.' Randy Cross (referring to Dan Marino and the Miami offense in Super Bowl XIX)

'Don't ever let anybody tell you that just getting to the Super Bowl is a wonderful thing. Getting there and winning is a great thing. Getting there and losing is as bad as never being there. It's worse.'
Joe Theisman

'If God were to come down right now. Terry what can I do for you? Send me in, put me back in one Super Bowl. And put me at the 1-foot line, and give me two minutes to play, and give me all three of my time outs, and give me my boys. And let me hear my name over the loud speakers, and let me hear the roar of the crowd...Bradshaw, Bradshaw, and let me hear them booing on one side. Let me get in and call plays, and let me see their eyes grow as I call these plays, and let me talk to them. Let me feel the hair on my back crawl up. I mean, that's what the Super Bowl does to you. I mean, its.... I mean it's doing it right now to me. I mean, I could go out there right now and play. I know I could play two minutes.'
Terry Bradshaw

Oh, yeah. Here's my pick for the best Super Bowl commercial.

Hey, lets not be stupid, there's only one thing better than football. I'll let you figure out what that is.

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