Friday, February 15, 2008

Winter Reflections

We got about four inches of snow the other day. Being a Camera Totin' Idiot, I played hooky from work. Okay, okay, I used a personal day. Still, while my co-workers were hard at it, I was out having a blast. Here are a few images from my snow day.

Remember this barn from one of my earlier posts? It's one of my favorite subjects. Here it is in summer...

...And in winter.

A few photos from the Western Maryland train station.

The frozen tundra east of Cumberland.

Looking out my mother's patio door.

A counrty lane in West Virginia.

Looking out my buddy Tim's sliding glass doors.

Our canoes. Mine is the one in back.

A deck chair waiting for spring.

Good old Cumberland photographed from the middle of Route 28 in Wiley Ford, WV. I get the strangest looks when I stand in the middle of the road.

Here's the same photo, but with some of the landmarks identified.

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Suzy said...

The shots of the woodpeckers are my favorite.I can't seem to get any birds to my new feeder!