Thursday, May 22, 2008

Train(ing) Day

I've been in the mood for trains lately. With the scenic railroad open for the season, it's a natural reaction for me. The first three photos were taken last Saturday as the 734 charged up the mountain between Mt. Savage and Parkersburg Road.

I've also been feeling a little nostalgic as well. Here are some shots from the 1980's, when I owned a Pentax K-1000, gas was $1 a gallon, and I didn't have gray hair...well, a little at the temples. Oh, yeah, I snuck one or two in from the 90's and the current decade.

Here's the Cumberland roundhouse on a soft summer evening in 1986.

Cutting in the mid-train helpers at Q Tower, Hyndman, Pa in 1985.

Trailer train R-137 flying west at Long's Crossing, WV in 1991.

R-353 with 8 headend units at Locust Grove (just west of Cumberland) in 1989.

The Chicago Jet making a run at Sand Patch Grade at Q Tower, in 1986.

Coal train V-153 in Cumberland at Viaduct Jct. in 1989.

Eastbound grain train at 21st Lane on the MD/WVA line in 1985.

Riding the Hyndman helpers in 1985.

From in side a caboose, looking out. VA Museum of Transportation, in 2005.

I photograph many other things: landscapes, barns, horses, my kids, the get the idea. But there is just something about a train...always was, always will be.

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