Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Happenings

I sort of posted things a little out of order when it came to Memorial Day. Friday and Saturday we went camping with another couple up at Ohio Pyle State Park. Ohio Pyle is one of our favorite places to go, and one of the prettiest. Sunday, I photographed the scenic railroad (see the previous post) then on Monday Goody Two Shoes and I went down the Murley's Branch Road th photogtaph a little farm life.

Our campsite on a foggy Saturday morning.

Taking a walk through the fog.

The morning sun coming through the trees.

Tim & Goody Two Shoes Trying to make breakfast.

Here's Jeanette, Tim's other half. She was the only one actually doing anything when it came to making breakfast.

A hammock that I broke. No, I ain't saying how it happened.

Mossy trees along the Highlands Trail.

The Camera Totin' Idiot, taking a break on a rock.

Goody Two Shoes.

Nice green meadow on the way up to Confluence.

Ramcat Rapids.

Model A truck in Confluence.

Sister's Cafe in Confluence. Great home cooked food, and nice people to wait on you.

CSX train Q-216 at Confluence.

Fishing in the Youghiogheny River. We say Yough (pronounced 'yok') around here.

I found my dream home. I need $250,000 and I'm all out of rich uncles.

The Camera Totin' Idiot and Goody Two Shoes at the end of a day of cycling.

Another great place to eat. The Ohio Pyle House in, you guessed it, Ohio Pyle.

Took a little drive up Murley's Branch road east of Cumberland today. Found this quaint little farm.

A mile later another barn.

Photographed this Palomino on a farm north of Flintstone.

She got shy and hid behind her boyfriend.


June said...

Looks like you had a great holiday weekend. As you know, I spent mine in Chattanooga and then on Monday, driving up to Floyd. I brought your's going to find its way to the guest bedroom/loft area upstairs. Thanks again!

Suzy said...

Great photos of your holiday...Haven't been to Ohio Pyle for years.