Monday, May 5, 2008

This 'n That...and a Steam Engine. Or, How I Spent my Weekend

Yep, I've been busy. So busy that it slipped my mind that I've been blogging for just over a year now. Yep, since April 15, of last year. So, Happy Anniversary to me! Now, getting back to my mindless ramblings. Had a busy weekend. Had to work, had to pay bills, still found time to chase the Scenic Railroad, Goody Two Shoes, our dog, and anything else that wondered in front of my camera...okay, I've been using Goody Two Shoes digital camera. So sue me!

What do you do when you're waiting on a train? Take pictures of something else. Like this Gypsy Moth cocoon.

Or a Dandelion.

Finally, 734 arrived. Hot dog! The season is underway.

No trip to Helmstetter's Curve is complete without a photo of the farmhouse.

After that it was on to Bob Evans so Goody Two Shoes could have her precious Strawberry Creeps. Yes, I misspelled Crepes on purpose! And all this was just on Saturday before I went to work.

Sunday was another day to chase the Scenic Railroad. No one will ever guess where this shot was taken. Giggle, giggle, giggle.

I decided to take the color out of this one and give it a sepia look. A little nostalgia now and then is a good thing.

Passing shot of the 734.

Buddy, the wondermutt. "What the #&@* was that noisy thing that just went by. And what are those little black things falling out of the sky and getting in my fur?" They would be called cinders.

This little red robin came bob-bob-bobbing along and I couldn't resist.

No, I didn't do this! I just happened to see it and couldn't resist.

A few more shots of the 734.

I like this one. Sometime here in the near future I'm gonna run this shot through photoshop and make it look fifty years old. Stay tuned....

Sunday came to a close with a photo of the Miltenberger Farm.

All-in-all, not a bad way to spend a weekend.


June said...

First, congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Your weekend sounded and looked wonderful...we have a few scenic railroads in Virginia. I keep meaning to take a ride on one of them.

Suzy said...

Yes,congrats on your 1 year of blogging!
Ah,you like Anne's camera... don't you...Loved all the neat train photos.

Sandy's Notes said...

Hey, congrats on the anniversary. I must say some of these train photos are pretty special. What a great weekend!

A life once lived said...

Love your photos! I have always had an interest in photography. I'm hoping to start a blog with some of my favorite pictures. Saving money to get an SLR camera.

Thanks for sharing.