Thursday, July 16, 2009

40 Years Ago Today

Apollo 11 blasted into space 40 years ago today. It's destination...the moon. And for a kid who grew up a space cadet and flew model rockets, this was a big, BIG deal.

Photos, courtesy of NASA

Astronaut Gene Cernan said that in order to ride a Saturn V you had to fall in love with it first. I loved the thing, I still love it, and I want to ride it! Forget space shuttles and starships, I want to ride a Saturn V. Anything else pales in comparison.


Ann said...

I'll wave from the ground as you take off! This is one road trip you take alone! LOL Love ya!

June said...

I remember it well...I was in a hotel room with my mom on Long Island...we were there for a cousin's wedding.