Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Faithful

Growing up in Corriganville, not far from the Western Maryland tracks, it was natural that I spent a lot of time watching trains. My friends and I mostly hung around Brush Tunnel and watched the trains go by. Other times, when we were feeling adventerous, we'd head down the tracks and end up at Helmstetter's Curve and the farm that sat in the middle of the curve and atch the trains. Years later, after I picked up a camera I captured the farm on film quite a few times. Here are a few snaps.

These next two photos were taken three weeks ago while I was riding the train. Starting into the curve, I remember thinking, 'I gotta get the farm on film as I go by.' Glad now I did.

Even my mentor, Bill Price, captured the Helmstetter barn on film in the 1950's.

Photo by William P. Price.

Last week the unthinkable happened. The barn burned down. No human life was lost, but several head of cattle and the family dog perished in the fire.

Photo from the Cumberland Times-News.

It's very sad, as a landmark I've know since I was a boy is now gone. Still, life goes on, and who knows, maybe they'll rebuild.

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