Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Day in Gettysburg

General Longstreet.

J.E.B. Stuart.

A Confederate reinactor. A great fellow to talk to. Great whiskers, too.

A farm along the Taneytown Road.

"...That these dead shall not have died in vain..."

The grandest monument on the battlfield. From Pennsylvania to her sons who fought to perserve the Union.

The Christ Lutheran Church where a Union chaplain was shot and killed on July 1, 1863

The memorial in front of the Lutheran Church.

A little video I shot. It's supposed to give you a little feel of what it was like approaching and climbing over the wall on July 3, 1863. Of course, no one was shooting at me. Thank goodness!

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June said...

Nice post. I've been there, but it's been several years ago now. I need to go back now with camera in hand.