Friday, July 17, 2009

One of the Flock Comes Home to Roost

It would seem that the Western Maryland Railway is far from gone, even though they were merged into the Chessie System nearly thirty years ago. Miles of former-WMRY track is still in use, a number of WMRY train stations still stand and are in use, and quite a bit of rolling stock is still around. Also still hanging around are more than just a few diesel locomotives from the once proud fleet. Just last year, FA-2 #302 came home and is awaiting rebuild and painting in Beilington, WV. GP-9 #25was returned to service on the George's Creek Railway in a fresh coat of jet black paint with yellow speed lettering. And now, sister engine #39 is home in Western Maryland.

Here's 39 while still in service. At Elkins, WV in 1972

In tourist service at Gettysburg, PA in 1991.

Back on home rails, July 11, 2009

photos by the Camera Totin' Idiot, unless otherwise noted.

Old and dear memories die hard, as do legends.

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